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Don Hales‘ live workshops have elevated the skills of photographers from all around the world. Now you can experience one of his premium workshops in the comfort of your own home with video learning here at

The LearnHales photography training system is a collection of simple techniques and best practices designed and tested to improve your photography and increase your business as a photographer. There are three types of video tutorials offered for sale on this site:

(1.) Themed Lessons, where Don Hales and the LearnHales crew create a purpose-built shoot crafted to give you ideas and to demonstrate photography, posing and advanced editing techniques.

(2.) Live Workshops, are video recordings of an actual Hales workshop taking you through Don’s intensive teaching sessions and showing everything as it happens in the workshop.

(3.) Quick & Easy Lessons are short screencast tutorials where Don shows you step by step how to execute proper image selection and edit like a pro.

An example of a Themed Lesson is ‘Winter Beach‘ – one of the most anticipated lessons from LearnHales. Watch as Don dumps over 600 lbs of sand in his studio in the middle of a snow storm. The results were fantastic and you can easily duplicate it at home or in studio by watching the full lesson available now as a a full HD download.

An example of a Live Workshop video is ‘Glam Workshop with Edith Labelle‘ featuring former UFC ring girl Edith Labelle. In this 3 hour video recording, Don instructs am elite group of photographers on the art of glamour photography. Don explains his approach to business and social media promotion as well as essential rapid workflow methods to get more camera time and turn work around quickly. This popular video is packed full of techniques and tips including: vital communication and posing techniques, the art of natural-looking strobe lighting, rapid studio and location workflows, understanding the process of shot selection, and rapid editing workflows and techniques.

The LearnHales Photography Training system is a simple and effective way to improve your photography quickly. Both Themed and Live Workshop Lessons both come with your own copy of Don’s signature skin treatment Photoshop Action, designed to allow you to edit quickly and get a world class finished photograph done in no time.

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