LearnHales – Reviews

Fred Langer, Photographer

“I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the LearnHales videos. There is a lot of material so it merits a few passes. These are a great follow-up to Don’s workshops – there is too much information covered during a workshop to remember everything that was discussed. Looking forward to more of these videos and future workshops”


Randall Robinson, Photographer

“Would you like to attend a workshop and learn from Don Hales? Can’t seem to find a way to attend one…

Here’s your solution! I’ve been to his workshops and seen the videos. It’s like being at a workshop with him. You get to learn how easy creating some really great looking shots can be.

***Bonus*** you can go back and watch it again and again. No more going home thinking what was it that he said.

Side note: Videos are great,but still attend a workshop and get that one on one with him!”


Jimmy D, Photographer

“I just got done watching Don’s Glam Workshop tutorial with Edith Labelle. Pure awesomeness. Don has unknowingly been one of my biggest mentors for a long time so it was great to see how he approaches lighting, composition and angles, and communicating with models; and his unpretentious attitude is very refreshing. My only critique has to do with the “soundtrack” that can be heard throughout much of the video. It’s rather annoying 🙂 Other than that, keep up the great work!”


Matt Taylor, Photographer

“Don conducts the best workshop I’ve experienced to date. Incredible instruction with a laid back style and tempo. Provides brutally honest feedback necessary for progress. I’ll definitely join another soon.”


Joe Barnes, Photographer

“I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in a few of Don’s workshops and I have yet to be disappointed. Don brings together the right models, the right locations, and shares his invaluable knowledge with everyone. His workshops are always inspiring and always full of energy.”


Rick Dowdy, Photographer

“Great workshop. Fun and solid learning experience. Don is a great instructor 🙂 I definitely will be taking another workshop with Don and crew.”


Tobias Choi, Photographer

“Very good hands on workshops. He is hard on you. But its like some coaches growing up. If they don’t say something then you need to worry. He wants to see you succeed; or at least take more than just a few images away from the workshop. I will be attending more for sure! “


Dave Purcell, Photographer

“Don teaches and evaluates you with a glorious good cop, bad cop style…he calls it like he sees it, and you might just learn something about yourself. If you don’t like hands on training then go somewhere else…”


Randall Robinson, Photographer

“I had an awesome time at the Dallas workshop. Don is a great instructor that will push you to improve. You will learn new tricks, have fun doing it and walk away with killer shots. I’m going to have trouble picking that ONE! Looking forward to the next workshop. ”


Armando Chavez, Photographer

“Don has a fine way of finding your weaknesses/strengths and improving them greatly throughout his workshops. He keeps the energy fun, and demonstrates everything thoroughly. This was my first workshop and I can definitely say I will be back for more.”


Allison K, Photographer

“ This was my first workshop with Don & I can tell you, it certainly will not be my last! Great instructor, Great model, Great people all led to a wonderful experience. Can’t wait for the next workshop!”


Rachel Fisher, Model

“When working with Don I am always confident that we are going to create beautiful work because Don is so great in bringing out the best in those he works with. Whether you are an experienced model or just beginning, when you work with Don he will give you the direction you need to create truly beautiful work and you will have an amazing time doing it!”


Nadia Petrova, Model

“Don Hales sees beauty in each and every one he’s worked with. His outgoing, caring and respectful attitude towards me during the photo shoot and throughout our continuous friendship have reconfirmed to me that the modeling industry does have talented people who are passionate about the art and the beauty a woman possess!”

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