Winter Beach: Shooting a Beach Scene in-Studio

Watch Winter Beach Lesson Preview:

What does ten degrees, two feet of snow, and one beautiful model make? A day at the beach of course! Winter Beach is one of our most popular lessons on and was shot entirely during a Denver snowstorm in Rino Art Studio.

Buy this unique lesson and watch Don and the team dump 600 lbs of sand in Rino Studio during the middle of a Denver snow storm. The lesson covers creative lighting techniques using a single strobe and a gold reflector. Don shares all the tricks you’ll need to add realism to a shot like this, from the proper use of a home-made gobo to applying convincing water droplets on the model.

Winter Beach is a must-have in your library and includes Don’s shot selection process and full editing session in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Included in the Download:

  • Full workshop video “Winter Beach” (2 parts, total 46 mins)
  • Full Editing session
  • Free Photoshop Skin Treatment Action
Winter Beach
Video training lesson for photographers covering creative lighting techniques using a single strobe and a gold reflector and sand to re-create a beach scene in-studio.
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