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Every month Don Hales will hand-pick a photographer to be featured as Photographer of the Month. To be considered you must demonstrate a high level of proficiency, creativity and professionalism and make at least one purchase on Any purchase will automatically activate the review process that will get you in the running to be Photographer of the Month.

November 2015 – Evan Kane

Mr. Evan Kane has been selected as November’s Photographer Of The Month!  Congratulations Evan! Please be sure to go and follow him on Facebook, Instragram, etc.

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About Evan

“My name is Evan Kane and I’m a Colorado based photographer specializing in alternative glamour and beauty. For as long as I can remember, art has always been an important part of my life and who I am. In school, I spent all my time in the art department searching for something to call my own and when I found photography, I really felt like I had found my passion.I spend my time reading articles, watching videos, and most importantly looking for pictures that I really like, looking for new things that inspire me. While I’ve been shooting glamour for less than a year, I know that this is for me. I think that everyone deserves to define their own kind of sexy. I’m drawn to tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, and all the awesome little things that we can do to make us unique. I love colors and expression, fun and unique fashion, edgy outfits, and chasing that one awesome shot. I’ve met some genuinely awesome people and I’m stoked to keep working hard and see what comes next!”


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